Auburn's Veterans' Day Marching Band Championships
Auburn Memorial Stadium
Auburn, Washington

Auburn Veterans' Day Marching Band Championships
Auburn, Washington

Auburn's Veterans' Day Marching Band Championships



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Auburn's Veterans' Day
Marching Band Championships

The end of an era has come!  Sue Hoffman & Teena Dwyer, Auburn's Veterans' Day Directors were asked to "step down" in an email sent by the band director last June.  For the past twenty plus years Sue and Teena have volunteered their time and talents to coordinator one of the most prestigious marching band competitions in the Pacific Northwest.  They did it tirelessly year after year with no compensation for the "kids", the directors and their staff.  So it was very disheartening to have an event of this caliber end in this manner.  Auburn's Show as you've known it, is no longer. 

"The aim and final end of all music
should be none other than the glory of God
and the refreshment of the soul."
Johann Sebastian Bach

Auburn's Alumni Band Parents & Students

On behalf of the Veterans' Day Directors, Sue Hoffman and Teena Dwyer,  Auburn's Alumni Band Parents, students and staff, we would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time, talents and hard work to make Auburn's annual Veterans' Day Marching Band Championships a success.  We've been very fortunate at Auburn to have some of the finest alumni band parents and students, who have kept Veterans' Day going over the past twenty years.  Their dedication, commitment and personal time spent on volunteering at Veterans' Day and for the community of Auburn was unsurpassed.  Thank you all for your time, support and dedication to uphold the "Tradition of Excellent" that Auburn's Veterans' Day Marching Band Competition was known for.  We couldn't have done it without you!  You will all be missed!


This year’s competition was the last Show at Auburn for Sue and Teena as they were asked to "step down" in an email sent by the band director.  It's unfortunate that after over twenty some years of volunteering their time and talents, with no compensation, they were not properly recognized for all that they have done for the band program at Auburn, along with rebuilding and maintaining one of the premier marching band competitions in the Pacific Northwest.
Auburn's Alumni Band Parents & Students


A Special Thank You!


     Thank you to Sue and Teena for over twenty years of coordinating Auburn's Veterans' Day Marching Band Championships.  Thank you for your time, talents and the dedication that you provided to create and develop one of the finest marching band competitions in our state.  Auburn's Show would not be possible without the support that these two ladies receive from the superintendent of the Auburn School District; the Auburn School District Board of Directors, Auburn's Administration including the custodial staff and school security along with the dedicated alumni band and choir parents from Auburn High School.  Thank you for continuing the "Tradition of Excellence" that Auburn's Show was famous for.  Kudos!

 An Open Letter of Thanks to Sue Hoffman & Teena Dwyer


I would like to openly express my sincere thanks to Sue Hoffman and Teena Bailie for coordinating another spectacular Veteran's Day Band Competition.  On November 7th, over 30 bands marched in the largest Veteran's Day parade west of the Mississippi.  Many of those bands, plus others, competed at Auburn Memorial Stadium, in one of the largest and best marching band competitions in the state.  Bands came from as far away as Spokane, Clarkston, Wenatchee, Kennewick, Yakima and Hermiston, and Beaverton, Oregon to march and play in this competition. Despite rain, wind and cold temperatures, thousands of students had a wonderful time in Auburn.  None of this would have happened without Sue and Teena's coordination, and countless hours of organizing this event.

As a parent of a band student, I appreciate these two women coordinating our largest fund raiser. This competition raises thousands of dollars for our band program at Auburn High School.  Having funds for students to travel to other competitions, whether they are jazz, marching or wind, allows students to enjoy and experience music and life outside of Auburn. These funds also support college scholarships, which allow students to continue their music studies beyond high school. During economically tight times, band parents do not have to reach into their own pockets to support their band student's financially. Thank you, Sue and Teena, for helping raise thousands of dollars to support Auburn High School's band program and its students.

Equally important, the Veteran's Day Band Competition is a highlight for those many band students from around the Northwest. The band director from Clarkston commented to my husband, before entering the field for competition in the pouring rain, that his students love coming to Auburn and marching in the rain. His students would not let him miss this competition. I am sure this sentiment is echoed by many other band students who made the trek across the state to compete at Auburn. When I looked at the 30 plus bands lined up on the field during the final Retreat, I could not help but be amazed at the talent and dedication those thousands of students represent. Thank you, Sue and Teena, for making this event possible for so many students.

Sue Hoffman's dedication to the band program at Auburn is remarkable. Her own children have long since graduated from Auburn High. She is no longer the music para educator at AHS, yet she spends countless hours of her own time coordinating this event. She also spends countless hours chaperoning band events, coordinating other band functions, and advising band parents on how to best support the band program. She truly cares about the students and the continuation of strong band program at AHS. She realizes this band program is a great source of pride to Auburn, and wants it to continue and regain its strength and glory of prior years.

Thank you, Sue and Teena, for another wonderful Veterans' Day Band Competition!

Most Sincerely,
Harriett Metzler Dalos, '09 Secretary
Auburn Band Parents' Association

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